Steve Williams

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Maverick Transportation, as well as myself and my family have worked with Resnick Succession Group for over two decades. Lee and Terry have played an integral role in Maverick's business succession planning, as well as my and my children’s personal estate planning.

We started Maverick in 1980 at ground zero and now have over 2,000 employees and operate 1,500+ trucks serving the steel, building material, architectural flat glass, and marine industries. We've worked hard and have a lot to be proud of, which also means we have a lot to protect. Lee and Terry have been a valuable resource throughout our growth and have always been extremely responsive, timely, and caring from day one.

Steve Williams, Chairman and CEO
Maverick Transportation,LLC
Little Rock, Arkansas
Maverick Transportation,LLC has over 2,000 employees and operates 1,500+ trucks

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