About RSG

Leon and Terrance Resnick, identical twins, are partners in Resnick Succession Group (formerly Resnick Associates). They are nationally recognized educational speakers and have presented to more than 250 business organizations throughout the United States. Additionally, their business succession, estate planning and life insurance clients, located in more than 40 states, include some of America’s most successful privately held business owners. 

After attending the University of Kansas, they began in earnest to passionately pursue their goal of assisting private and family owned enterprises maintain continuity. Whether the intent of the business owner is to transition the business to the next generation or to outside buyers, properly protecting, enhancing, and transferring these companies has been their driving focus.  

Lee and Terry work in an individualized manner with each client. In addition to the critically important areas of business succession, estate planning and proper due diligence, acquisition, and implementation of life insurance, they pair (when needed) the client with other key professionals (business succession/estate planning attorneys, CPAs, valuation specialists and macroeconomic specialists) to form the team needed to protect the client, their business, and families.

As Lee states, “We’ve been fortunate in our careers to work with clients that own visible businesses throughout the country – businesses that people recognize.  It’s very satisfying to know that our work behind the scenes has been one of the key components that will allow these businesses to continue. Business owners want to protect the businesses they’ve often spent a lifetime building.  We do our utmost to protect the business owners, their families and as a byproduct, their employees.”  

Terry adds, “We work with clients in numerous industries. It’s gratifying knowing the impact that our work makes in allowing for their continued long-term success. A major emphasis is learning about our clients’ entire situation, along with business and personal objectives. Once we have that understanding, it allows us to structure a personalized strategy. And our clients know that after the initial planning is implemented, we are always accessible and responsive. In fact, our just being there for them means as much oftentimes as the planning itself."

Resnick Succession Group has built professional relationships throughout the country with premier business succession and estate planning attorneys, CPAs, valuation specialists and macroeconomic specialists. Combining our experience with that of others, helps provide optimum results for our clients.