Seminar Testimonials

“SC&RA has relied on Lee and Terry to provide critical educational content.  Their seminars on business succession, estate planning and liquidity issues have been key to help our business owner members protect and maintain their businesses well into the future.  Highly recommend.”

Joel Dandrea, CEO
Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association
Centerville, Virginia

"I have worked with Leon and Terrance Resnick for more than ten years, and after each seminar, our members have walked away with invaluable information and great resources.  Lee and Terry make a great addition to any conference agenda.  I look forward to working with them again in the near future!" 

Tim O'Toole, Executive Vice President
Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association
Chicago, Illinois 

"AHAA and Resnick Succession Group have collaborated for years on ways to help our business owner members.  The educational seminar presentations that the Resnick twins have held for us are top notch!  I’ve received excellent feedback from our members, letting me know they appreciate that we utilize RSG.  Lee and Terry have been great friends and an excellent resource to our Association, and I am happy with the longstanding relationship that we have developed."  

Guy Young, General Manager
Auto Haulers Association of America
Alpharetta, Georgia

"We learned about the succession planning education offered by Resnick Succession Group through a referral from a very tough Association in our industry, one that does not usually send out recommendations for speakers. This got our attention, and it meant that the content must be outstanding. And it was!

Lee and Terry held a workshop at our annual meeting, the National Wood Flooring Association Expo in Tampa, April 2022. And the reviews were excellent. In fact, several of our members, who only heard about the session from their peers in attendance, asked us to bring the session back again next year so they could attend. This is a rare request, and we are already in discussions about how to make that happen.

Based on the very professional manner in which Lee and Terry conducted business leading up, and after the session, and the excellent reviews of the participants, NWFA could not recommend more highly using Resnick Succession Group for any form of meeting or resource for succession planning and tax updates."

Michael Martin, President & CEO
National Wood Flooring Association
St. Louis, Missouri

"I, along with Construction Suppliers Association, have been working with Resnick Succession Group for many years.  I’ve had Lee and Terry present to our membership on multiple occasions.  As important as their educational sessions are, the way they present is just as important.  They break down what could be complex information and present it in an understandable format.  They keep the CSA business owners aware of any new information and potential changes to tax law that may impact their businesses. Look forward to having them present again soon."  

Jim Moody, President
Construction Suppliers Association
Atlanta, Georgia

"I’ve headed different Associations throughout my management career. I’ve had the Resnick brothers present several times to various groups. It’s important that I put quality education in front of business owners, so they are best positioned with their business succession and estate planning. The Resnick’s hit a home run every time. They don’t simply go through the motions. They take their obligation very seriously and sincerely want to provide quality content. I look forward to working with them again and would recommend them to any Association that cares about the future of their members’ businesses, as well as the ongoing vitality of their Associations."

Craig Addington, CEO
Thomas Associates, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio

"HARDI recently had Lee and Terry Resnick present at our Annual Conference in Palm Desert, California. The Resnick brothers received extraordinary marks from their audience. HARDI still represents many very successful privately held businesses and their seminar on business succession, estate planning, and proper liquidity planning was much needed. As critical as proper planning may be, it’s not difficult for business owners to become so busy that this gets pushed aside. Lee and Terry do an excellent job of professionally educating and encouraging our members to act so the years they’ve spent building their businesses won’t be for naught. Estate taxes and other factors can decimate a successful business and I’m glad that we have RSG to rely on to help educate and protect our members!"

Chris DeBoer, Director of Marketing
HARDI (Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International)
Columbus, Ohio

"Since the 1970’s, PFA has been the voice for those in the Polyurethane Foam industry. Attendees at our conference include chemical engineers, PhD’s, and C-Suite executives who over the course of their careers build substantial assets. Terry and Lee Resnick have presented to many groups from various industries, so I was confident that they would bring quality education to our members – and they did. They were extremely easy to work with and responsive leading up to our annual conference and were patient with their message. They present in a relaxing and interesting format, and I’d encourage any business or trade organization to engage them. You’ll be glad you did."

Russ Batson, Executive Director
Polyurethane Foam Association
Loudon, Tennessee

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