Larry Trimbach

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Our family business, 2J Supply, an HVAC supply company currently is in our third generation of ownership. We are headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and have 10 branches throughout Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana. 2022 marks our 60th year in business! It goes without saying that the company and our employees have meant the world to our family. Assuring that our family business properly transitioned to a third generation was of prime importance. In 2005, my brother Greg and I (second generation ownership) started working with Resnick Succession Group.

From our initial meeting, Terry and Lee have always been professional and they have been a huge help in our planning. They put in the time and work and are always quick to reply if we call or email. We are appreciative of the continuity and consistency they've shown, now working with the third generation of 2J Supply ownership. It's been an enjoyable experience having both a business relationship while also enjoying spending time socially when they meet with us in Dayton.

Larry Trimbach, 2nd Generation Owner
2J Supply
Dayton, Ohio
2J Supply has 150 employees

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