Karolyn Neupert Gordon

Client Centered

I have had the pleasure of working with Resnick Succession Group since 2006. I first met Terry and Lee at one of our industry's annual conferences where they provided a business succession and estate planning educational seminar for our business owners. Watching them present their seminar I was immediately impressed with their knowledge and felt that they may be able to further enhance my existing planning. I let them know that I had a strong advisory team that included my attorney and CPA, and they would need to work with my existing advisors. Not only did they work with my existing advisors, but they all became a coordinated team which pleased me even more.

In addition to the planning Terry and Lee put in place which significantly protects our business and family assets, the genuine concern they have shown for me and my family is equally impressive and means so much. I value the relationship we have built, and I can't say enough good things about the work they've done!

Karolyn Neupert Gordon, Chairman
Consolidated Supply Co.
Portland, Oregon
Consolidated Supply Co. has more than 500 employees

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