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John Hlavacek

Time sure flies, as I’ve been working with Resnick Succession Group for a quarter of a century!  When I first met Lee and Terry Resnick, I owned American Pre-Sort, based in Kansas City and employed over 100 people. None of my children were interested in taking over the company, so I knew I would eventually turn to outside sale, which took place in 1998.  It was of the utmost importance for my wife and me to establish planning for our estate so that we would limit the tax burden and make sure that our life's hard work benefited our family while minimizing the IRS's take. Resnick Succession Group spearheaded finding us an excellent estate planning attorney and they worked together to establish a plan that would accomplish our objectives.  Resnick Succession Group incorporated the highest quality life insurance planning with our trust planning and also worked with our bank’s trust department.  After all these years, we still receive the same caring and timely responsiveness as we did from the very beginning.  This is something that seems to be lost in today’s environment.  I’d highly recommend Resnick Succession Group to any privately held business owner that wants to preserve their business and non-business assets! 

John Hlavacek, Founder and Former Owner
American Pre-Sort
Kansas City, Kansas
American Pre-Sort employed more than 100 people at time of sale

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