Jeff and Diane Steves

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Our company, DPS, is a luxury plumbing supply and fixtures company, based in the Bay Area.  We are a family owned business, and we truly believe in quality – not only for our customers, but for us, too!   When it comes to quality, we cannot be more pleased with the work provided by Resnick Succession Group! 

Prior to meeting Lee and Terry, we had extensive personal and business planning in place and had a lot of bases covered.  Even though we were very confident with our planning, Lee and Terry provided us such a strong comfort level that we thought it would be prudent to have an initial meeting.  After listening and learning about our business succession goals, they were able to suggest a planning technique that we weren’t familiar with. 

Their work has greatly enhanced our business succession planning.  It provided peace of mind in knowing that our two children are now in the best position when we transition ownership of our company and that they'll be able to continue running DPS for many years ahead.  We also appreciated that Lee and Terry respected our existing planning and did nothing to disrupt that.  We know we can always count on them with their hard work, extremely impressive responsiveness, and genuine care.  It’s been almost 10 years since we started working together and beyond a valued business relationship, we’ve built a true friendship! 

Jeff and Diane Steves, Owners
Decorative Plumbing Supply, Inc.
San Carlos, California
Decorative Plumbing Supply has 17 employees

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