James Resch

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Resnick Succession Group has played a significant role with both Gulfeagle Supply’s business succession planning as well as for our family’s federal estate tax concerns.  

Their work began with a review of our existing life insurance planning and although we have an excellent team of attorneys, CPA’s and bankers, the recommendations that Terry and Lee provided, and we ended up implementing substantially improved the life insurance portfolios that my family and I have. The life insurance contracts have iron clad guarantees and they researched the entire marketplace, so we were assured that we received the most competitive pricing available as well.   

I think one of the “missing components” for many successful business owners and entrepreneurs, is not realizing the importance of proper due diligence of life insurance companies and policy types. The utilization of life insurance funding for buy-sell agreements and estate liquidity concerns is of equal and maybe even more importance than the legal documents and company valuations that also play vital roles. 

We are in a much better planning position than we were prior to working with Resnick Succession Group and my family and I look forward to continuing to utilize the firm well into the future. 

James Resch, CEO  
Gulfeagle Supply 
Tampa, Florida  
Gulfeagle Supply is the Largest Family-Owned and Managed Roofing Distributor in the United States with 110 locations 

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