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Our company is a 5th generation owned lumber and building materials provider in Mississippi. We are constantly striving to find new ways to improve our business, ourselves, and our employees. In searching for new ideas for our business at an industry trade show, we attended a business succession seminar presented by Lee and Terry Resnick. They talked really fast compared to us Southerners, but they also were incredibly intelligent and confident in what they were talking about!! After listening to them, my dad and I knew that they were our guys to help us on some special succession projects as well as offer tax advice and help us become more educated on life insurance policies.  Lee and Terry Resnick have been one of the best “finds” for me as a young, millennial, 5th generation business owner. 

I came back to my family’s company almost eight years ago with bright hopes of successful transition and continued growth from my dad and the 4th generation. When we started working on our transition plan, we realized that we were competent as far as successfully transitioning the operations level of our business from one generation to the next; however, we were not aware of opportunities and tax threats, as well as opportunities available in the form of life insurance.  Lee and Terry have become an incredibly valuable resource for us by setting up proper life insurance policies as well as helping us be best positioned for tax implications and other challenges from a federal perspective for successful succession.  

Lee and Terry have truly become good friends and trusted confidants for many of my business matters. If I ever have a question, they are always willing to help and more importantly, take the time to truly educate and explain their reasoning and solutions. 

I don’t know what I would do if we had not attended their presentation several years ago. They have helped me and my dad be more confident in our aspirations to grow our business and feel more secure personally to succeed in the long term. I cannot recommend Resnick Succession Group enough. Any family business owner, no matter the size or what stage of succession, should call them and just talk! They have your best interest in mind and want to help you succeed by "protecting, preserving, and enhancing your business!” 

Ann Marie Chilcutt-Miller, Owner
New Home Building Stores
Columbus, Mississippi
New Home Building Stores has over 35 employees

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