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<span>James Resch</span>

James Resch

...We are in a much better planning position than we were prior to working with Resnick Succession Group and my family and I look forward to continuing to utilize the firm well into the future. 

James Resch, CEO  
Gulfeagle Supply  
Tampa, Florida  
Gulfeagle Supply is the Largest Family-Owned and Managed Roofing Distributor in the United States and has 110 locations

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Steve Williams

Steve Williams

...Lee and Terry have played an integral role in Maverick's business succession planning, as well as my and my children’s personal estate planning.

Steve Williams, Chairman and CEO
Maverick Transportation, LLC
Little Rock, Arkansas
Maverick Transportation, LLC has over 2,000 employees and operates 1,500+ trucks

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Karolyn Neupert Gordon

Karolyn Neupert Gordon

...I value the relationship we have built, and I can't say enough good things about the work they've done!

Karolyn Neupert Gordon, Chairman
Consolidated Supply Co.
Portland, Oregon
Consolidated Supply Co. has a workforce of more than 500 employees
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Charles Ewing

Charles Ewing

...Terry and Lee established strategies that will have a huge impact in both protecting my assets and allowing for eventual estate taxes to be paid in the most cost-efficient manner.

Charles Ewing, CEO
Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom
Denver, Colorado
Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom is one of the largest appliance retailers in America
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<span>Larry Trimbach</span>

Larry Trimbach

...From our initial meeting, Terry and Lee have always been professional and they have been a huge help in our planning. They put in the time and work and are always quick to reply if we call or email. We are appreciative of the continuity and consistency they've shown, now working with the third generation of 2J Supply ownership.

Larry Trimbach, 2nd Generation Owner
2J Supply
Dayton, Ohio
2J Supply has 150 employees

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<span>Jeff and Diane Steves</span>

Jeff and Diane Steves

...It’s been almost 10 years since we started working together and beyond a valued business relationship, we’ve built a true friendship!  

Jeff and Diane Steves, Owners
Decorative Plumbing Supply, Inc.
San Carlos, California
Decorative Plumbing Supply has 17 employees
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<span>Ann Marie Chilcutt-Miller</span>

Ann Marie Chilcutt-Miller

...I cannot recommend Resnick Succession Group enough. Any family business owner, no matter the size or what stage of succession, should call them and just talk! They have your best interest in mind and want to help you succeed by "protecting, preserving, and enhancing your business!"

Ann Marie Chilcutt-Miller, Owner 
New Home Building Stores
Columbus, Mississippi   
New Home Building Stores has over 35 employees  

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Kevin Pritchard

Kevin Pritchard

...Lee and Terry listened to what my objectives were and helped me find a solution. I always receive immediate help and answers whenever needed. Highly Recommend!

Kevin Pritchard, President of Basketball Operations
Indiana Pacers
Indianapolis, Indiana
University of Kansas National Champion, Retired NBA Player and Current NBA Executive
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